Why Online Sports Betting Is Fun

When it comes to watching the big game, it's always a little more fun if you have some action on the side. Read more about 'Why Online Sports Betting Is Fun'...

The Basics Of Online Football Betting

Go to any online betting site and you will notice a lot of attention is focused on football. There is a reason for that. Read more about 'The Basics Of Online Football Betting'...

Lay Betting Explained For Stress-Free Understanding

As most people know, betting comes in two forms, win betting and place betting; these two have been used since antiquity and continues to be practiced today. Read more about 'Lay Betting Explained For Stress-Free Understanding'...

A Brief Guide To A Timeless Classic, Tic Tac

Betting has evolved over the last 70 years and people have found that betting has even made it onto the internet which has made betting easier and in some cases,... Read more about 'A Brief Guide To A Timeless Classic, Tic Tac'...

Understanding Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is really simple once you understand it. A sports betting agency will put out a number with a minus sign before it. Read more about 'Understanding Handicap Betting'...

Understanding Handicap Betting

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Handicap betting is really simple once you understand it. A sports betting agency will put out a number with a minus sign before it. Let’s say it is ‘-6.5’ on an NFL football game. The team that the number with minus sign is next to must win by at least seven points in order to get the betting win. If they win by six points or less or even lose then the betting win goes to the other team. This point differential is most notably called the “spread”. Spread betting is simply where the payout is based on the accuracy of the bet. Let’s say you have a soccer match that has England taking on France. England has a -1.5 next to it. That means that England must win the game by at least two goals in order for the better on England to win. If England only wins by one goal then the better on England loses and the better on France wins. In baseball and other sports it is no different. A team from New York has a -2.5 (decimals are often used to avoid puts) so that means they must win by three runs in order for betters on New York to win.


The reason for the “spread” is to make matches more even and betting more difficult. It is to provide more of a 50/50 odds at winning rather than having a simple win or lose. In a win or lose bet there could be and usually are a more heavily favored team. There’s simply contests that have clear favorites and for the betting agencies to maintain profitability they enact a spread. Now, as more bets are placed on one particular team the “spread” will become more sizable. Odds makers tend to set the “spread” at first but when one team becomes more heavily bet on that “spread” increases or decreases. Let’s say England and France are playing that same soccer match with a ‘-1.5’ spread next to England. That means, as stated before, that England must win by at least two goals. But, if a large majority of the betters bet on France then the spread may to go ‘-.5’ where England only has to win by one goal in order to beat the spread.


Betting lines are most notably put out in Las Vegas, Nevada as it is legal to gamble on sports in that state. The rest of the 49 states in America do not allow this type of gambling to take place. Other countries though tend to allow this form of betting. Handicap betting is usually seen in the American NFL football league, the American NBA basketball league, the American NHL hockey league, the American MLB baseball league, international rugby and soccer.

A Brief Guide To A Timeless Classic, Tic Tac

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Betting has evolved over the last 70 years and people have found that betting has even made it onto the internet which has made betting easier and in some cases, more convenient. However, an older type of betting was created a little less than 80 years ago, this form of betting is called Tic Tac. It was a more intricate way of betting on horses. Tic-Tac followed what seemed like, an overly intricate system, at the time in order to keep their competition from taking their winnings.

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Tic-Tac’s origins took place in the United Kingdom in the 1940s, Tic Tac was a form of betting that people at that time used to win money or make bets on popular horses. The Tic Tac system had two features, the bettors for one. The bookmakers were the second, and most important, part of Tic-Tac. What made the bookmakers so important was that the bookmakers had to clandestinely inform their coworkers of the impending odds so they could keep the numbers out of their opponents’ hands and this way they could keep the odds in their favor.


The tic-tac man wore white gloves and performed a multitude of hand movements and gestures in reference to a particular set of odds on a particular horse. Interestingly, some of these same hand movements and gestures are still somewhat practiced today in the United Kingdom; this old tradition still carries a lot of weight for calling the odds on any and every horse on the track. The Tic-Tac man’s job was very important, he was the key to people winning big or losing everything, everything rested on the tic-tac man’s gesture.


There are two kinds of monetary bets, evens and odds. Both have nicknames that classify them for easy referencing. Even money bets went by five different names: Scotch, you devils, Major Stevens, levels and Straight Up. Odd money bets were simply called Tips.


Furthermore, the Tic-Tac man had another job and that was to move his hands or touch certain parts of his body in order to indicate the odds or evens during the betting process; each gesture had its own slang so people at that time knew what was going on.


For example, 11/8 odds. The tic-tac man placed his right hand on his left arm going up from his elbow to his wrist; the slang for this is called Up the Arm.


Another example of odds that were 7/4, the right hand went immediately up to the left shoulder. The slang for this was called Shoulder/Neves-seven backwards to rouf.


Back in those days, the bookmakers wanted to make sure that people got their money and as much of it as possible; the bookmakers resorted to faint whispers in order to protect their customers.


In conclusion, the tic-tac man’s job was important as was the bookmaker’s but it is a known fact that these two people made tic-tac one of the most interesting ways to win a lot of money betting.

Lay Betting Explained For Stress-Free Understanding

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As most people know, betting comes in two forms, win betting and place betting; these two have been used since antiquity and continues to be practiced today. However, there is a third form of betting called Lay Betting. It can be argued that lay betting is actually more complex than its predecessors, but it’s quite the contrary. Lay betting can be described as a way for a person to win money based on what doesn’t happen instead of what does, an example of this is when a person bets that the Philadelphia Eagles lose the Super Bowl instead of winning it and if the bettor is right then they just won a lot of money.

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It is a known fact that winning at lay betting lies in a person’s ability to bet against something or someone as well as their ability to measure odds and evens, another example is when a person bets against one of their relatives losing an upcoming Crash Bandicoot costume competition; the person betting against their relative wins and get a huge payout. There’s a fine line between betting who’ll lose and paying out if they win, some people think that there’s more to lay betting than just betting on a loser or on who’ll lose everything. Well, there is.


 Lay Betting also plays by the selection system just like the Each Way betting system, but there is a little twist when it’s used in Lay Betting. Picking a winner is, in fact, a bad thing. The reason, if a person picks who’s going to win instead of whose going to lose then they’ll have to pay out to the person who won which usually involves all of their winnings. The mechanics of lay betting is pretty basic, bet on whose going to lose to win. Lay betting also follows the evens and odds of betting as well, it’s a known fact that people win more betting on the odds than evens.


 When a person is lay betting, they should exercise caution because lay betting is a game where a person can potentially lose everything and end up irreversibly broke as well. When a person lays a bet, they are only capable of winning the other person’s money and not the entire house. Normally, when there is betting involved, the house usually have a stake in the bet as well and in which case, if a person bets on the loser and wins then they won’t get the winnings from those betting in the house; just the person they betted against. It can be said that lay betting is more one on one than one on one versus the house.


 The concept of lay betting is weighing the risks versus the rewards, a person stands to gain a lot of reward when they make the right bet on the loser. There’s also a lot of risk involved if their selection wins then the other person will get the bettor’s winnings.


 In conclusion, lay betting is one of the simplest forms of betting because a person is betting on a loser and not a winner.



The Basics Of Online Football Betting

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Go to any online betting site and you will notice a lot of attention is focused on football. There is a reason for that. Football is the most popular and most loved sport in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live football has a presence in the sports world of the country. With the love of football is the love of betting on the sport. It is exciting and can be very profitable if you understand the betting basics.

 football 5

The basics of football betting are primarily based on the fixed odds presentation of the game. The online bookmaker looks at the teams that are playing and sets the odds. The favorite is the team (based on the experts opinion) most likely to win. You can bet with their opinion and if that team does win, you win a nominal amount of money. This is the logical choice and you are risking little and the return is little. Your other option is to bet against the opinion of the experts. If you bet on the least likely team to win and they do pull off a win; you have won much more! The actual amounts depend on the odds set for the game. This is the thrill of online football betting.


The fact is in football no one knows for sure which team will win. This is why teams and their fans draw such huge attention. In the world of sports there will always be die-hard fans of each team. Rarely are teams unevenly matched. If the teams were not both good they would not be playing the game and especially they would not be playing each other. Odds may be in the favor of one team over another for various reasons, but that is no guarantee of a win.


Online gamblers make a choice on betting just to win a few dollars or to risk their betting dollars and go for a big return. This is the excitement and the thrill. If you are simply betting for fun, then no big risk may be the fun you want. If you play with the idea that you are willing to spend X amount of money and not get it back for the chance of getting it back plus a lot more – then bet accordingly.


It is a personal preference and no matter how you bet, you will have many people who bet the same way. The bookmakers can explain the odds and how to play the game. As you get more into it and understand it more, you may take bigger risks.


Just remember to be responsible with your betting and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. That way you are always a winner!

Why Online Sports Betting Is Fun

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When it comes to watching the big game, it's always a little more fun if you have some action on the side. While some of us can simply enjoy sporting events for what they are, there are others who derive maximum enjoyment out of placing a bet on the contest at hand. As a result, online sports betting continues to increase in popularity.

 online sport betting

Betting on sports is a real thrill and online sports betting lets us get our kicks, without even having to leave the house. All you need is a bank account and some disposable income and you are on your way. But online sports betting is only fun if you remain in control of your bankroll.


Betting within your limits is an important aspect of having fun while participating in online sports betting. Chasing the thrill of betting on sports is a great way to spend a weekend. However, it should never lead to any sort of financial difficulty or jeopardize your ability to pay bills on time.


To avoid these common pitfalls, establishing a gambling budget is crucial. Online sports betting is a blast, but only when you are smart enough to stay within your limits. If you are finding yourself spending money that has been earmarked for more important expenses, this is a sign that you need to reassess your style of gambling.


As people continue to transition toward a world where every single transaction takes place online and our smartphones are never out of arm's reach, online sports betting will take on added importance. While there is always going to be a place for the traditional brick and mortar casino or gambling hall, the modern consumer treasures their ability to place a bet without having to change out of their pajamas.


Whether you're a weekend warrior who just wants to add a little excitement to the football slate or you are someone who needs action on a daily basis, online sports betting caters to all gambling styles. The versatility of online sports betting allows every player to choose a time a day to place their bets that works for them, without being beholden to gambling parlors and traditional brick and mortar outlets.


Online sports betting is fun, as long as you are able to remain with the proper limits and ensure your ability to stay financially solvent. If your gambling habits are keeping you from taking care of yourself or your loved ones, this is a sign that they must be adjusted.


But for those who already know how to regulate their spending, the world of online sports betting provides a number of opportunities. There is no limit to the amount of sports that you can place bets on. With online sports betting, you are no longer confined to your geographical location or even the nation in which you live. The entire sports world is literally at your fingertips.